Monday, February 22, 2010

A secularist bigot

Desperate atheist cries of foul play over Antony Flew's 'conversion' continue (see Thursday's post below). In 2008 a number of comments on the customer reviews on Amazon of Flew's book, There is a God, maintained that Flew's contribution to the book was not genuine and he had been a victim of manipulation because he was old. Flew has been moved to refute such serious allegations here.

This link also contains a review by Antony Flew of Dawkins' book, The God Delusion, where Flew takes Dawkins to task for, among other things, failing to properly represent Einstein's views on divine intelligence. Flew, justifiably angered by Dawkins' underhand attempts to discredit him, also charges him with being a secularist bigot.

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  1. I always thought Anthony Flew a most clear and honest thinker, even in his atheist days. His little book, 'Thinking about thinking', is an excellent intro to informal logical reasoning. It would make very useful reading for philosophical mediocrities like Dawkins and Hitchens, paricularly as it is full of expositions of the kind of fallacies that these second-raters are always employing, e.g. the fallacy of pseudo-refuting description. Flew's 'God and Philosophy' is a seriously challenging book for theists like me, but nevertheless it is one of my favourite books. Flew remains a significant philosopher.


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